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7 Blog post ideas for Hotels

added on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 09:35am

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7 Blog post ideas for Hotels

Blog post ideas to boost traffic and engagement to your Hotel / Hotel-based website

1. Events in the surrounding area of the hotel
2. Secrets of the hotel world
3. Tips and Tricks
4. Local guides / resources
5. Facts
6. Meet the staff
7. Review an app or service you use to handle bookings, website etc

Scroll down for more information about each idea...

1. Events

A great way to bring people to your website and to promote your local community is to list and talk about events in your area. People are always searching for things to do - it may be that they are planning a trip or that they are local and would like something to do over the weekend.

Getting as much correct information about an event is crucial. People will not be happy if you tell them the wrong date or location. Work with the event organisers or use the information from the official website, Facebook group etc.

Posting about events can tie in well with your marketing efforts. You can offer event goers somewhere to stay while in the area. This can work especially well if its a big event like a music festival or some sort of gathering.

The best part about posting events is that you rarely run out of things to post about. Depending on your location there should be an event every week! You can then share this on Facebook and other social media which in turn can get your page more links and social goodness!

2. Secrets of the hotel world

This could be a one off post or a series - it depends on how many secrets you have! By secrets I don't mean you should give away the source of your pillow chocolates (I'd personally like to know though!) but to share information that the everyday visitor wouldn't know about.

How about telling the world what its like to be a hotel cleaner for the day? We are looking for interesting and viral-worthy content that people find interesting, funny or unusual. A post that would really grab my attention would be titled something like "10 tall tales from a hotel cleaner" or "Hotel cleaner comes clean about job".

Depending on the size of your hotel, this series could last you a while. If you post once a month then you could include the Kitchen staff, porters, reception, gardeners etc.

If you are willing to share business secrets then there is certainly a market for that as well.

3. Tips & Tricks

You may or may not know if but by being part of the travel and tourism industry you will have a wealth of knowledge - whether that be in the area, the industry or just the building, someone will find it useful.

It's time to bring your recommendations online, share useful tips and tricks such as the best restaurant in town, where is good to park, what events are on (see #1).

A tip could be as simple as "The best view of the sunset it on Green Road, Peak Hill". These tips and tricks can be curated into a weekly or monthly list. This list can be sent out to upcoming guests as email newsletters and shared on social media.

As you learn things then add them onto the list.

4. Local guides / Resources

Another one which will give back to your local community! Why not attract more people to your blog by offering guides and resources. You can talk about local attractions, public footpaths and history.

This is another fantastic opportunity to engage with your local community. This could work well as a series or possibly a one off. Things to talk about is the history of the area and local attractions. This could be an interesting opportunity to engage with guest bloggers - these are people that will write the blog post for you in return for something (that could be some exposure to them such as a link or possibly being paid). This can save you time and still allow you to offer these blog posts even if you do not have much information about them.

5. Facts

This one is really simple but it comes down to the idea that people love facts! This is your time to shine and blow your hotels trumpets. Is your hotel haunted? Has anyone famous ever stayed at your hotel?

People love number facts as well! Share some interesting and possibly irrelevant facts. Here are some ideas - how many pillow chocolates do you go through in a year? How many sheets are washed every week? How many slices of bread are toasted every month?

6. Meet the staff

This 'staff spotlight' series could be a great opportunity for guests to meet your staff before they arrive. Imagine how much more comfortable a guest will feel if they already know the staff member? You could include a smiling picture of the staff member and talk about their daily duties, length of employment at the hotel, hobbies and interesting facts. You might even learn something about your staff that you didn't already know!

7. Review apps and services

The digital age is sweeping through every industry. There is a good change that you are using some sort of service to handle your Hotel in some way. This could be an accounting situation, a booking system such as booking.com or an online service such as advertisements or a social media manager.

This is a nice way to generate traffic to your website as people are always looking for reviews for purchasing an item or signing up to a service. The more in depth you go, the better! You can also share any tips, problems or a work around that you found while using the system / service.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog post! If you helped get your creative juices flowing or you found it useful then please feel free to share this post.

If you need a website that is easy to update and comes with all of our recommendations here + industry best practices that we have written about in other blog posts then you can contact us by email (thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk) or telephone (01476 576 839).