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A new website build? Part 1. Key Business Goals.

added on Wednesday 29th January 2014 at 00:00am

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A new year often means a new start, after all whats a New Year without a New Year's Resolution?

One thing that you may be contemplating this year is redesigning or redeveloping your website, but before you do we thought it might be helpful to offer some simple planning advice with our special series of articles aimed at getting you Web Wise for 2014!

Over the next 7 weeks, we will be providing advice from our combined years of experience in the industry, that we hope will help you make more informed decisions about the next phase of your online presence.

Our first piece focuses on - well, your focus really...

Key Business Goals
When you first launched your site, no doubt the business goals were well considered, but 2, 3, 4 or more years on have they changed? Generally businesses do - they have to adapt. Has your site changed to account for this - is this reflected by the information available now on your website?

Take a look at your site now and be honest: Is your current website portraying your company correctly right now?

We undertook this task ourselves towards the end of last year. Previously we'd been regarded as a fun company - a little quirky, with some crackers ideas (mostly good ones too), but over the years we'd changed. Our offerings, whilst imaginative were much more thoughtful, more focused on generating revenue for you - really, we'd just grown up.

Maybe it would be a good idea to have some fresh eyes on your site? So ask friends and family to take a look - do they find what they would expect to when bringing up your website? Feel free to speak to us at Hat Trick too, perhaps with fresh eyes, we can see where a new internet trend may be best utilised to refocus potential customers to your business' USP? Or perhaps its something as simple as ensuring your meta tags and content are valid and up-to-date for getting you the right customers to your site in the first place?

Now, whether your own site merits a full redesign or just a tidy up is up to you, but your business goals are truly the first and most important reason to even consider it.