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A new website build? Part 2. Content Reports.

added on Monday 10th February 2014 at 17:14pm

Following on from our last item regarding your Key Business Goals being a decision maker when discussing a new website build, we now look at Content. More specifically a Content Report.

Content still is king - yes its a naff saying, but its true. Generally our clients budges don't stretch to copywriting services - ideally they should do of course, so instead we try and help steer your visitors using informative and persuasive copy. Once the site's live, its usually up to you or your team to keep the content fresh and current. Sadly, many of the sites we create simply regurgitate their old sites content and as the point above suggests, it may have been great for version 1 of your website, but version 7, maybe not so much.

I'd also guess that most websites once they've gone live have not undergone a noticeable change either! This means that your content is old, maybe incorrect, not properly indexed and maybe even no longer live. A simple link investigation via your Webmaster Tools will highlight this problem. Yes content inventories are boring and no, they're not as important to you as running your business, but they need to happen. Perhaps 2014 is your opportunity to create that content review, either by yourself or through a great copywriting partner.