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A new website build? Part 3. Content Management Systems.

added on Monday 17th February 2014 at 17:14pm

Part 3 of our series on things to consider when thinking about a website redesign.

This week its focussed around Content Management Systems.

Many businesses still, are simply unable to edit their own websites. Crazy. Some of course can, but would prefer we update the sites for them, and we're definitely cool with that, but content management systems must be high on the agenda if you're contemplating a rebuild. Search engines love updated, fresh and relevant content. It sorts out the good sites from the bad; the good results from the bad results. The ability to update your site, any place, any time must, must, must be a consideration.

Being able to adapt the site to what your visitors doing, their behaviour when they visit your site is key to turning visitors into customers. You'll often hear us talk about Call To Actions when we're designing your site. These, generally blocks of content, aid the visitors journey, the digitised version of an arm around your shoulder if you like, leading you to content you really must see. This could be a product, a service or simply contact details. The thing is, you need to change this up. Your analytics may suggest that Product A isn't really selling very well, despite lots of impressions. Now, is that because its not really very good, overpriced or simply not relevant at this time of year. By not reviewing your analytics and responding quickly, you're doing your site a great mis-service.

The problem with Content Management systems is that they're generally a one solution fits all. Tools like WordPress are great - but keeping up to date with the latest widgets and even versions of WordPress can be a real drain - and the security aspects a nightmare. Our content management systems, built by us, allow us to deliver exactly what you need, when you need it and also, plan for what you'll need in the future. If you're at the behest of your designers/developers at making changes, an update is very much a no-brainer.