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A new website build? Part 4. Mobile.

added on Monday 24th February 2014 at 17:14pm

Part 4 of our feature on deciding to build a new website focusses on the importance of the mobile experience you provide your customers.

Checked your analytics lately? If so you'll have noticed how many more visitors to your site come via their phones or tablets. What's more, the number of visitors accessing your website with a mobile device is only going to increase. Thankfully, our sites render well in multiple platforms, however they may not necessarily provide the best experience. When we say best experience, we really mean a better experience than your competitors of course.

There's a number of ways we can do this - responsively or adaptively. Both very similar, but also equally unique. The type you choose depends on many factors, but essentially its all about the experience, the content you want them to see and the behaviours your visitors have.

If you've not given your site any mobile attention you'll find that it's tough to make an existing website mobile-friendly (whatever that means). The cost for us to redevelop a site, in all honestly will be a much wiser spend than simply sticking a plaster onto what you already have. If your site renders well (and it should) then perhaps its something to think about in 2015, but why not steal a march this year?