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A new website build? Part 5. Browsers.

added on Monday 3rd March 2014 at 17:14pm

Following on from last week's edition focussing on the mobile experience, this week we're discussing Browsers.

Unfortunately, browsers are still a pain in the neck. Whilst there has been a standards project rumbling on for years, they still don't all play nicely. For you, this means that the site you had built years ago may have looked ace in IE7, but now - it looks pony. Similarly, your fresh new site created a few months ago, aimed at local government looks brilliant in the latest version of Chrome, but guess what, your local authority still uses IE7 and therefore looks rubbish and doesn't work. A double whammy.

So, even in 2014, one year away from floating skateboards (according to Back to the Future films) browsers are still a pain and not accounting for it could be hurting your business.