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Are you ready for 2016?

added on Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 13:48pm

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Are you ready for 2016?
2016 is looking to be an exciting and interesting year for websites, online businesses and new ventures. We have a list of trends we believe will be big and also some helpful tips to make the most of your online business this year.

Important things coming with us from 2015

Let's not forget that 2015 was a fantastic year for online businesses and we saw some really exciting things being done online!

Mobile friendly / responsive websites

We have been mentioning this a lot lately but that's because its so important that your website can cater to different devices (phones, tablets, notebooks) and different internet speeds (slow Wi-Fi, 2/3/4G). It's key to remember that your website is an experience for a visitor - if they like the experience then they will return and share with friends and family. If they do not like the experience then they will leave your website and go to a competitors website, potentially spending money and introducing friends and family.

We offer a mobile friendly design package that caters to different devices and different internet speeds.

Email Newsletter Campaigns

Emails are nothing new but they are an incredibly powerful way of keeping in touch with current customers, new customers and the general public whom have shown interest in your website / products. Email newsletters allow you to quickly and easily share company news to thousands of subscribers across the world. We have a fantastic easy-to-use system called Nobby that uses a pay-as-you-go pricing structure so you only ever pay for what you need.

Brand Awareness

In an era of social media and 'guess the brand' games it's now the time to make sure your brand is up to scratch and you are really selling your business look. Remember, consistency is key, it's important to:
  • Have a memorable logo
  • Use the same colours and fonts across your logo, website, literature etc
  • Connect with your customers and potential customers across social media and email campaigns

It's also important not to forgot the 'social' part of the social media aspect, at the end of the day it's just that - an online conversation. You should not neglect customers engaging with you good or bad via comments or tweets to your posts.

Looking forward to 2016

Online services

Users now expect more and more services to be accessible online, any time of the day or night. You may be able to incorporate some of your services into your website which could save you manual time and make your customers experience much better. A few examples to get your brain going;
  • If you own a shop then you might want to sell products online. Users can spend as long as they need looking and reading about your products, they can then buy them any time - day or night.
  • You might be a service or contract worker and need an online booking system where people can select when they are available. You can then accept or decline the booking which would then notify the user / customer.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO has always been a big part of marketing your business online but now we see that being organic with your seo is very important. Google and other search engines are adding even more clever features into their services which ultimately impacts how your business performs in the search results.

This year we predict that Google will keep growing it's 'local business' sector and giving you (the business owner) more control over how you appear in the search results e.g. opening times, description, images etc.


Something we are personally excited for is the adoption of 'real-time' websites. Bear in mind, this is not something new as we have seen it on websites that use online chat, music streaming and games.

Real-time websites are now a lot more accessible and supported on a wider range of devices and network connections. 2016 is the year that you can add real-time into your website, let's look at some examples;
  • You run an ecommerce website (online shop) and you would like to show interesting statistics to current users on the website such as how many people are viewing that item or how many people have that specific item in their basket.
  • You run a website where people can submit items such as articles, links, pictures and would like the items to appear on the website as they are uploaded. This is really cool because people don't need to refresh the page.

You may notice our own example of real-time in the form of an instant chat on the bottom right hand side of every page on our site. If this is something you feel will benefit your website please contact us (why not use the chat!) to find out more.

Faster Websites

You can look forward to faster websites in 2016 as we are seeing a wider-spread adoption of the HTTP/2 protocol on servers and browsers. This part might bore you but essentially HTTP is the protocol (language) that your browser (e.g. Mozilla Firefox) talks to a website server (e.g. Apache) to ask for webpages, images, files etc. The current HTTP/1.1 protocol is from 1997 and is unfortunately showing its age.

Things to look forward to with HTTP/2:
  • HTTP/2 will allow more files to be sent in one go (so you don't have to wait for a queue of things to load)
  • It will offer better file compression which means that the files being sent to you are being squished down to save every last bit of space.
  • It will offer speed, security and efficiency
  • It will allow developers to create much better online experiences

If you are interested in any of the things we have discussed today then please feel free to contact us and we can talk about adding them to your website. You can reach us on email via thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk or phone the office on 01476 576 839.