Ay Up Me' Duck!

Ay Up Me' Duck!

Added on Monday 1st April 2013 at 10:19am

The Hat Trick team flew into action last week when a Duck was found sitting at our front door!

Seeing that it was injured and fearful that the Grantham Police marksmen would soon be taking pot-shots at it in order to protect the public (Grantham based joke), we went to its rescue.

Luckily our Avenue Road neighbours were happy to help.  Even luckier for Donald it was our neighbours at Avenue Road Vets not The China Inn than were there to assist and after a co-ordinated effort to catch Donald in a specially designed cardboard box (actually it was just a cardboard box, but that doesn't sound as exciting!) We took him to the vets for treatment.

Apparently it was touch and go and Donald nearly lost an eye!  They couldn't tell us how it had happened but Eddie suspects fowl play :)  Luckily for Donald if he had have lost the eye a wildfowl trust were prepared to take him into their care where he would have lived on a protected lake somewhere in the Lincolnshire countryside.

Good news and bad news for Donald.  

Good news: After a day and night of care Donald's eye was treated and saved and he lives to quack another day!

Bad news: His dreams of a happier life on the lake were dashed when he was released on Friday back to the River Witham to carry on dodging the shopping trolleys!

Were just hoping now that we don't get stuck with the Bill ;)