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Back to basics SEO: Title tag

added on Thursday 16th June 2016 at 14:48pm

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Back to basics SEO: Title tag
Welcome to the first part of our "back to basics" blog collection. In this post we will focus on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), in particular the 'Title' tag.

Title tag


The title tag is one of the key elements that tells a user or a search engine what the focus of your page is.


Title tag HTML code
HTML title tag code without a value

Title tag with value
HTML title tag code with a value


In Action:

Title showing in the tab of the Google Chrome web browser.
Title showing in the tab of the Google Chrome web browser.

In the search engine results (Google):

Title tag showing in the Google search results
Title tag showing in the Google search results.

Where does the title tag appear?

You can often see the title tag's value appear in a number of places, including;
  • Web browser tab / window
  • Search engine results
  • Social media sharing panels
  • When a user saves a bookmark / favourite

Title top tips

  • Be sure to create an informative and enticing title (Not just 'Untitled' like we have seen too many times!).
  • Try to keep your title tag below 55 characters or it could get truncated in the search engine results.
  • Google has been known to change a web page's title to better match a users search query. If you notice this its not something you have done wrong.
  • Try changing and experimenting with your page title every now and then to see which users prefer and click on more.
  • Try to keep your 'keyword' focus closer to the beginning of the title, for example - if the page is about green paint then it might look like: Green Paint | The Paint Place


If you currently use our content management system Geoff, then you already have full control over your title tags. Geoff will add in the code into your web page in the correct place and it will also allow you to change the title tag whenever you feel like experimenting or it requires changing.

If you would like an easy to use and modern way to update your website then feel free to contact us today.

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