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Combining Email Marketing and Social Media

Added: Wednesday 8th August 2018

Email marketing and Social media marketing stats Campaign Monitor have released a great infographic which illustrates how to combine email marketing and social media. There are some really useful insights...

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How to add company description to Google business listings

Added: Thursday 2nd August 2018

Have you searched for a company on Google and seen their Google Business listing with lots of information and wonder how they do that? A new piece of information that has...

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Latest Google Chrome SSL Update - July 2018

Added: Wednesday 11th July 2018

It's July! Many of you will be enjoying the sun and spending time with friends and family. Google isn't. They are about to release a security update to their Google Chrome browser which could really affect your website. ...

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Keeping website visitors engaged: Part 1 - Technical Aspects

Added: Friday 9th June 2017

Welcome to the first part of our "keeping your visitors engaged" blog series. In this part we will be looking at the technical aspects of a website and how they could effect the engagement of your visitors. ...

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7 Blog post ideas for Hotels

Added: Tuesday 9th May 2017

Blog post ideas to boost traffic and engagement to your Hotel / Hotel-based website 1. Events in the surrounding area of the hotel 2. Secrets of the hotel world ...

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Why Collaborative Design?

Added: Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Client collaboration is at the heart of all the creative output here at Hat Trick Media. Whether we're creating a new website, an email newsletter campaign or a selection of sales literature, the design stages involve key decision makers ...

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Email Testing for Website Design Agencies

Added: Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Email Testing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly As a website design agency there is a very good chance that you offer email services. These may be a free addition to a website package or an optional paid extra. However you ...

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What is great graphic design?

Added: Tuesday 18th April 2017

Comic books and the movies will tell you good always triumphs over evil. Well it should, even if sometimes evil doesn't play by the rules. Anywaaayyy, my point is good graphic design definitely triumphs over bad graphic design. Grap...

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Our top 6 blog post ideas for restaurants

Added: Tuesday 14th March 2017

Blogging can be incredibly beneficial to your website / online business but coming up with ideas can often be a pain! In this post we are going to look at 6 ideas that you can write about on your restaurant blog. ...

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Starting a new Facebook business page

Added: Thursday 20th October 2016

Following on from our new Twitter account blog post we will be looking at Facebook and offering advice on how to get the most out of creating a new Facebook account for your business. ...

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Website Tools: Website Monitoring

Added: Friday 7th October 2016

A website is often forgotten about when it comes down to hosting and up time. People assume that websites run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Quite often websites do run all the time, with many hosting providers offering 99....

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Improve your website with a heatmap

Added: Friday 23rd September 2016

You may or may not have heard about heatmaps but in this post I'm going to tell you why you should be using one and how it can benefit your website and your website visitors. What is a heatmap? ...

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Don't get caught out by Google's new security updates

Added: Friday 9th September 2016

Google have recently announced that (source) the latest version of their Google Chrome web browser will mark "HTTP sites that transmit passwords or credit cards as non-secure”. The good news is that this update isn't happening until Janua...

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Starting a new Twitter account

Added: Thursday 1st September 2016

What is Twitter? Twitter is an incredibly popular micro-blogging website /  social network. Twitter was created in 2007. Twitter has over 200 million active users spread worldwide. ...

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20 Blog post ideas for Estate Agents

Added: Thursday 11th August 2016

Blog posts are great right? They bring in new website visitors, help you obtain customers, help you build up your email subscriber list and generally help out with search engine optimisation. I love blogs but I hate having to think of ideas...

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It's all about your content

Added: Thursday 28th July 2016

There are a few reasons that you might want to create content on your website; To educate your users about your businesses, services or produ...

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Take advantage of the new Google fonts

Added: Thursday 21st July 2016

You may or may not have heard recently but Google font's has been updated. It now offers a beautiful user interface that is a pleasure to use and some new features that can really make your life easier. How do...

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Free and Legal images for your website and blog

Added: Thursday 14th July 2016

Sometimes sourcing the perfect image can be the hardest part when creating a new webpage or blog post. You are faced with a few options, but each has their downfalls; ...

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Back to basics SEO: Meta description tag

Added: Tuesday 28th June 2016

Welcome to the second instalment of our "back to basics" series. In this post we will look at the 'meta description tag' in more detail. Meta description tag Overview The meta description tag comes from a long line of ...

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What you need to know about rich cards

Added: Thursday 23rd June 2016

In this post we will talk about Google's rich card update, what they mean / do, how they look and their advantages and disadvantages. What are rich cards?Rich car...

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Back to basics SEO: Title tag

Added: Thursday 16th June 2016

Welcome to the first part of our "back to basics" blog collection. In this post we will focus on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), in particular the 'Title' tag. ...

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IT Corner: Online Security Update

Added: Thursday 9th June 2016

We need to be constantly aware and vigilant in relation to online fraud and scams. Business Email Compromise: A Growing Online Security Threat A business email compromise happens when a fraudster sends an email to your co...

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Why update your website design?

Added: Thursday 2nd June 2016

In this blog post we are going to look at why good website design is important to your business and website. The importance of good website design Let's look at an example of how website design could play out in t...

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Getting the most out of your website

Added: Thursday 19th May 2016

Over the last 10 years, websites and what we think about them have changed dramatically. A website is no longer just a collection of informative pages (well it can be if you want!), it can be a complex web application such as Google or Face...

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Spruce up your search with schema!

Added: Thursday 12th May 2016

Today we will be looking at how to make your results stand out in the Google search results (serps). An important note going forward, we look at schema code and how to add it into your website but Google often decides whether or not to act ...

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IT Corner: How to reverse your Windows 10 update

Added: Wednesday 4th May 2016

One of the first questions we’re often asked when it comes to upgrading a system is how easily can you go back to your old one if you don’t like it. The answer with Windows 10 is that it's very easy. ...

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Online Reviews: What's in it for you

Added: Friday 22nd April 2016

We now live in a world where people are incredibly wary of buying items or services online. It's easy to understand because the internet is filled with scammers, spammers and hackers. A great way to establish yourself as a trusted and genui...

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IT Corner: Onsite Backup vs Remote Backup

Added: Thursday 7th April 2016

Regardless of the size of the business, every company needs a solid backup system. This means you need to have a robust backup strategy to keep all your business data safe so as to avoid the loss of crucial information in the event of a m...

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Our top local SEO tips

Added: Thursday 31st March 2016

Search is becoming local and you cannot afford for your company to get left behind. Search engines such as Google are trying harder than ever to show the user local, relevant results to their location. With more and more people using their ...

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Geoff: Adding a YouTube video onto your website

Added: Tuesday 22nd March 2016

Welcome to a new blog post series where we will be offering up nuggets of wisdom to help you make the most of your Geoff website management system. Today we learn; How to add / embed a YouTube video into your website ...

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Time for a website spring clean!

Added: Thursday 17th March 2016

With spring slowly creeping up on us we know how many of you will batten down the hatches and get your 'spring clean' done. We believe that your website deserves a spring clean too!  ...

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What goes into the news or blog section of my website?

Added: Monday 7th March 2016

You've got a brand new website! It's got lots of cool features, images and people are telling you how great it is but.. sat somewhere in the menu bar you see a 'news' or 'blog' or even both link(s). You remember briefly adding a quick note ...

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Google Search Tips

Added: Thursday 18th February 2016

It's time to up your Google-Fu! Google is an incredible search tool which we use daily and I'm sure you do too! In this post we aim to help you get more out of Google by offering helpful tips and tricks. ...

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Why having an SSL certificate is a good idea

Added: Tuesday 9th February 2016

With the latest news coming in from over the internet (source, source) we have seen a big movement towards "secure" and "ssl enabled" websites. In this blog post we will describe what all this means and why it's important for your website /...

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IT Corner: Internet Explorer Versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 reach end of life

Added: Wednesday 3rd February 2016

A report has revealed that 61 per cent of small business owners are still using Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, despite all three no longer being supported by Microsoft. The survey, by...

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What you need to know about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Added: Tuesday 26th January 2016

Something is afoot in the online industry. A new way of consuming information is shaking things up and it seems to have had a very promising start - I'm talking about Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) of course! In this arti...

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What the is A/B testing and how can it benefit me?

Added: Tuesday 19th January 2016

When you talk about digital marketing, websites, email campaigns and all of that jargon you may hear the words "A/B Testing" thrown around. In this post you will learn what A/B Testing actually is, how to use it and how it can benefit you a...

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Is it snowing yet?

Added: Thursday 14th January 2016

Finally, the first snow of 2016 has arrived at Hat Trick Media's offices here at Autumn Park Business Center in Grantham. If you're ever wondering where in the country it is snowing, check out #uksnow on twitter - a collecti...

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Are you ready for 2016?

Added: Wednesday 13th January 2016

2016 is looking to be an exciting and interesting year for websites, online businesses and new ventures. We have a list of trends we believe will be big and also some helpful tips to make the most of your online business this year. ...

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IT Corner: Spam Hits Three Year High

Added: Monday 7th December 2015

Take downs of prolific spam botnets, such as Rustock in 2011 and Grum in 2012, had a substantial effect on reducing overall global spam volumes. This, combined with diminishing returns for spammers sending via bots, had left many email re...

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5 Things your website is missing

Added: Monday 16th November 2015

Our top 5 important elements that your website needs! Keeping your website up-to-date with the current trends can be a daunting and frustrating task but we have put together a quick 5 part list that let's you know what...

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Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks

Added: Monday 9th November 2015

We all use social media and the majority of us use it on a daily basis - on our phones, tablets, computers and soon enough our fridges! We currently use a few you may have heard of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Here i...

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IT Corner: Don't Let Data Loss Burn a Hole in Your Pocket

Added: Monday 2nd November 2015

USB Device Control!!! Prevent unauthorised use of removable storage devices. USB drives, MP3 players, CDs, DVDs, and other removable media, however useful, pose a real threat. Their sm...

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Google Plus - Is it worth my time?

Added: Tuesday 27th October 2015

Some of you may not know but there is a quite a large social network that doesn't seem to get as much love as Facebook and Twitter - it's name is Google+ and it's been around since 2011. Today I would like to share with you some pro'...

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Why now is a better time than ever to invest in a website

Added: Monday 19th October 2015

The purpose of this post is just to help you out if you are struggling with the decision about getting a website. Today the internet is big, I mean really big. There is more information flowing around the...

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Why Isn't Anyone Coming to My Website?

Added: Monday 12th October 2015

Is your website slipping down the ranks of Google? Is it receiving less and less visits? Does it need some love? With this blog post we will aim to give you some ideas behind that and some ways to rectify them. Google and oth...

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How Long Will it Take to Build My Website?

Added: Tuesday 6th October 2015

When building a website the time frame can vary quite a lot. There are many factors as to how long a website will take to build. Generally our process involves three parts; Part 1 - Meeting, Website Brief / Requirements ...

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IT Corner: Password Security Tips

Added: Sunday 27th September 2015

Tips and Tricks to Keep your Password Strong, Safe and Memorable.   Creating a strong password is one of the most important (and overlooked) security measures you can take to ensure cyber security. One string of letters...

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What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

Added: Friday 31st July 2015

Since working at Hat Trick Media friends have often asked me what I do, what is website development and what is the difference between website development and website design? Well today I'm going to tell you! Website Design...

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What is the Open Graph?

Added: Thursday 18th June 2015

You may have heard about the mysterious "Open Graph" recently. It can also be referred to as "Social Metadata" or "Social Graph". Whatever its called, what is it!? Essentially you are explaining what your web page...

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What is a Mobile Friendly Website?

Added: Thursday 18th June 2015

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about "mobile friendly websites and how important they are. You may have head other terms such as "adaptive or "responsive but essentially they all mean the same thing. Making your website work well o...

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Getting to know Nobby Our Email Marketing solution

Added: Tuesday 26th May 2015

You may or may not know but here at Hat Trick Media we offer Email Marketing as one of our services. We do this using a system nicknamed "Nobby! Nobby is a pigeon and follows on from our tradition of naming our systems and services after...

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Are you SagePay V3 Ready?

Added: Thursday 12th March 2015

As a client of ours you would already have had notification that SagePay are upgrading their payment gateway and as of the 31st of July 2015 anyone using a version below 3 would not longer be able to accept payments. At H...

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The death of stock images

Added: Wednesday 11th February 2015

Your general stock image still does have a place in modern design, but for most of the websites we design the stock image has been placed towards the back of the album in favour of high quality professional photography distinctive to the si...

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A new website build? Part 7. Budgets.

Added: Monday 17th March 2014

We're now at the end of our weekly feature on the factors that you should be considering whether you need to redesign your website. Or not. We've considered your key business goals, your current content, your ability to manage your own c...

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A new website build? Part 6. Search Engine Optimisation.

Added: Monday 10th March 2014

This really needs no introduction. So we'll get straight in... Search Engine Optimisation. Yeah your site was optimised three years ago and you were doing well, but things change quickly. Google (there's only really Google right?) have fre...

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A new website build? Part 5. Browsers.

Added: Monday 3rd March 2014

Following on from last week's edition focussing on the mobile experience, this week we're discussing Browsers. Unfortunately, browsers are still a pain in the neck. Whilst there has been a standards project rumbling on for years, they stil...

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A new website build? Part 4. Mobile.

Added: Monday 24th February 2014

Part 4 of our feature on deciding to build a new website focusses on the importance of the mobile experience you provide your customers. Checked your analytics lately? If so you'll have noticed how many more visitors to your site come via ...

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A new website build? Part 3. Content Management Systems.

Added: Monday 17th February 2014

Part 3 of our series on things to consider when thinking about a website redesign. This week its focussed around Content Management Systems. Many businesses still, are simply unable to edit their own websites. Crazy. Some of course can,...

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A new website build? Part 2. Content Reports.

Added: Monday 10th February 2014

Following on from our last item regarding your Key Business Goals being a decision maker when discussing a new website build, we now look at Content. More specifically a Content Report. Content still is king - yes its a naff saying, but it...

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A new website build? Part 1. Key Business Goals.

Added: Wednesday 29th January 2014

A new year often means a new start, after all whats a New Year without a New Year's Resolution? One thing that you may be contemplating this year is redesigning or redeveloping your website, but before you do we thought it might be he...

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