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Basha Bedding has been a fantastic project to work on, it is an eCommerce website that specialises in army badge bedding and pillows.

There are some great features on the website;

  • Location based pricing - When a user visits the website, the website tries to determine what country they are visiting from. If it can determine a country then it retrieves a postage and packing price from the Geoff content management system. This is then set site wide but the user can overwrite this if they are sending it to another country.
  • New speed enhancements - We are always looking at ways to speed up our websites. After testing a few new methods we have added them into the website and can see an intermediate speed increase.
  • Google Schema - We are now using the Google schema code to help Google better understand the information on the website. We have focused mainly on the product schema which allows users to see product pricing and stock levels in the search results.

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