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Long-standing Hat Trick Media client, BGB Innovation have just released a new re-designed website. The 4th website we've created for them in our 12 year association. We have been really excited by this project and have had a great time working on it.


The website has a range of exciting and useful features. Lets talk about each one in a little bit more detail;

"Mobile Friendly" Design

In today's internet you cant really get by without a mobile friendly designed website. There are now millions of users who primarily use their mobile or tablet devices to browse the web, buy online and keep in touch with family and friends.

Our best Geoff content management system yet!

The BGB site has some really advanced features such as the "mega" menu. To enable the BGB team to easily edit these advanced features, we needed an advanced content management system - in comes Geoff. Geoff is our home-grown cms system that we are constantly build upon and add new features to. It's a very easy to use system with user management and can be tailored to your business needs.

Careers Section

BGB Innovation is a rapidly growing company so this means its important to have a section of the website dedicated to careers and job opportunities. We have built a custom module into Geoff that allows the BGB team to easily add and update careers.

Better use of Video and Imagery

BGB have a wide range of media including videos, images, PDFs, datasheets and interactive content. We have created a "one stop shop" for this media with embedded responsive YouTube videos to a "popular" datasheets section. Again, the media is simple to add and edit through the Geoff cms.

More focus on user engagement

These days its important to interact with your clients or customers outside of the website space, that's why we have added an email newsletter sign-up form and social integration into the BGB website. At the bottom of every page is the email newsletter sign-up form that takes literally 5 seconds to fill out and it doesn't affect the user experience. The form connects to BGB's email marketing tool of choice and allows them to see all sign ups.

Check out the website at http://www.bgbinnovation.com


"Eddie and the team at Hattrick have been assisting BGB with our marketing activities for over 12 years now, including 4 uniquely designed websites, e-brochures, animations/films and an interactive ipad presentation for our wind turbine display. Eddie and the team are always a pleasure and fun to deal with and great to bounce ideas and advice off. Our latest project with Hattrick has been the re-development of our main BGB Innovation website that has been produced in a very professional and modern way and incorporates our unique animations, ebooks and interactive ipad display in a mobile and tablet friendly, easy to manage format. Another recent project (and my personal favourite) is the development of the BGB SILS standalone website and launch of the new brand which Eddie and the team help create.

Having worked with Eddie for such a long time now, I know if ever I have a problem or want web or design advice or a contact in other media outlets such as App development, the Hattrick team are always there to help and assist where they can, and in a very competitive environment, they give the after sales service you want and expect in this modern digital age."

James W. Tupper
Marketing Manager
BGB Innovation

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Not sure how something should work? Don't worry about that we take care of all the technical details. We train you how to use our Geoff content management system and we are always available if you get into a pickle!

We are always happy to take on new projects and offer our expertise in Graphic Design, Website Design and Website Development. If you love the BGB site and would like something similar or just need more of a basic website then please feel free to get in touch today. You can email us at thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk or you can phone the office on 01476 576 839.

Thanks for reading!

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