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Sometimes in web development you can't wait to get your hands on a website to rebuild. You can see that modern technology and coding advances would really benefit a particular client. This was the case for Chandlers Oil.

The Chandlers Oil website was originally built by us in 2009 and has gone through many minor tweaks and developments since then. However when Chandlers came to us with their latest request - it required a major overhaul and was a great opportunity to develop a whole new website.

Chandlers main request was to cut down the manual tasks of the staff internally when orders and especially heating oil buying group orders were placed over the web. The existing system had a lot of duplicate data entry which obviously was a chore for Chandlers and was using up staff time when they could be doing something else far more productive on the sales front.

To make the ordering process as streamlined it required integration of the management system which Chandlers use called Midas produced by a company called Mandev. We used Midas to allow the website to actually talk to the customer details Chandlers hold 'offline' allowing for the first time customer accounts to be accessible online so that orders and order history can be shown when logged in.

In addition to this it also allowed customers address and billing details to auto populate on an order making the whole process a lot more streamlined for the customer as well as Chandlers.

Away from the integration of the internal Midas system we made many well thought out changes to the website functionality and quoting system to improve on an already successful process. We've created an instant quote page which allows the customer to see the effect of a change of any variable within the order, such as delivery time or tanker size, allowing Chandlers to be a lot more open with the way in which their quotes are priced with no extra hidden costs applied at a later stage - a vital ingredient to further gain customer trust.

The website launched at the beginning of August ready for the surge of heating oil orders coming through this autumn and winter.

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