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Garth Vincent Redesign 2017

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We are proud to launch the brand new Garth Vincent website!

This will be our second redesign of the Garth Vincent website and it's been just as fun and a pleasure working with the team this time as it was last time. The first redesign was completed and launched in 2012 when 'mobile friendliness' and security were not as important as they are now.

We've redesigned the website with speed, security and the user in mind. The website is now secured by an SSL certificate, it's mobile friendly and loads super fast. The design was done on site with Dom so he had lot's of input and was able to get in what he wanted - after all its his business! The design is modern, fresh and focuses on the key parts of the business.

Website Features

  • Mobile friendly
  • SSL certificate (secure)
  • Ability for users to sign up for a 'wanted' list where they will be notified by email when a certain product or type of product is in stock
  • Integration with GV's email newsletter
  • Ability for the team to manage the user accounts and wanted lists in their admin panel

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