Company Update: February 2017

Company Update: February 2017

Added on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at 01:01am

Is it that time of the year again? Just in case your wondering what we've been up to then here's a little sneak peak into Hat Trick Media;



We've launched some fantastic websites in the last few months, with many features and a focus on speed, mobile friendliness and security. Click on the links below to learn more about each project;

We've noticed more and more companies are interested in how websites can work for them. We don't just create websites, we also create advanced functionality web systems. We focus on making your life easier and this is generally done by automation - some features from systems that we have already built: Automatic emailing, automatic social media posting, product feed generation, retrieving data from other systems / websites and acting upon that and sending out text messages. Need a system than can help automate your company? Get in touch today.

New Staff

We've seen some tremendous growth in the past 12 months and realised that it's the perfect time to get another member of staff on board. We've hired our first ever graphic design apprentice - Sam Faichnie. Sam joined in November after completing an interview and a day on-trail here in the office. He managed to survive our dodgy jokes and we are really pleased to have him on the team. Sam will be working on a number of things such as aiding the lead graphic designer, producing literature, designing websites and dabbling in some HTML / CSS code.

What's in store for 2017?

We are currently chock-a-block project wise working on some fantastic websites and graphic design projects. 

Our Focus

  • Mobile friendly websites - it may come as a shock but there are still lots of websites out there that are not mobile friendly. We want to make sure we offer all of our clients that important feature. It's still important to the search engines and it's still important to users as mobile and tablet usage is still on the rise!
  • Security - users are entitled to privacy even if they are not on an online shop or a website that requires private information. SSL certificates are a crucial way to make sure the data between your browser and the server is secure and no one can peek into it and steal any passwords or sensitive information. Another great incentive is the slight SEO boost Google has given SSL secured websites in its search engine. Google has publicly announced this but other search engines may be taking this into account without telling you.
  • Speed - It's no lie that people hate slow websites right? Everyone expects an instant loading, instant feedback website these days. We are proud with the speeds our websites currently run at but we are always hungry for more! We will be focusing on tweaking and boosting our servers (currently hosted in London), optimising your website content management system and how we build websites. Speed is another factor that search engines take into account - so its a win win!
  • Analytics - It's important to know how your website is performing. We use Google Analytics for each and every website we launch. It's a fantastic free tool that millions of websites use on a daily basis. We've integrated our websites heavily into Google Analytics so you get even more insights into your websites. We've added site search (information about what people are searching for on your website), site speed (see how fast your website is on average), events (track key events like a click on a specific button or a specific action).
  • Search - Being at the top of Google is not a service we provide or promise. We do how ever follow the best practices when building our websites. We invest a lot of time in adding the latest useful and beneficial features into our content management system. This year we will be adding even more in to help search engines understand your website. We'll also be looking into the new kid on the search engine street - DuckDuckGo. It's a search engine that is taking the web by storm with ~14 million searches a day (see DuckDuckGo traffic here)!


We love writing blog posts and hope to get some more out to you soon! With Sam on board we are hoping to add some design related blog posts. We're still planning content and are open for ideas, if you are interested in a particular part of website design or graphic design then email with your ideas. We are also planning some more blog posts around websites, search engines and industry updates.

Last but not least

We hope you all have a fantastic 2017 and we will be back at some point in the next 6 months or so with another update! If you are interests in a project, whether that be website design / development, graphic design or email marketing then feel free to get in touch and it would be our pleasure to discuss your requirements.