Every Small Business Needs a Geoff

Every Small Business Needs a Geoff

Added on Monday 18th March 2013 at 10:32am

Our Geoff has been proving his worth this month with the launch of a new website for Demon Deep Cleaning, a specialised cleaning business in Grantham.  They don't know what has hit them since they met Geoff!!

Demon Deep Cleaning are a local business that have been operating on a small scale for the last 18 months. They had an existing site designed by BT websites which wasn't generating any enquiries for the business and had little (if any search engine presence).  We were approached to build a site on our Geoff model, you can see the results here

Since the sites launch it has generated a large number of enquiries and now ranks 1st place in Google for "Deep Cleaning Lincolnshire"!  As a direct result of new business from the website Demon Deep Cleaning are taking on two new staff to cope!!! I guess we'd call that a happy Hat Trick customer! :)

This project shows that a bit of insight into a business' requirements goes a long way to helping the success of a website. Many small business owners think that merely having a site is enough. A website is a powerful tool for your business, to promote your services and generate enquiries; but people have to be able to find it!