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Free and Legal images for your website and blog

added on Thursday 14th July 2016 at 14:49pm

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Free and Legal images for your website and blog
Sometimes sourcing the perfect image can be the hardest part when creating a new webpage or blog post. You are faced with a few options, but each has their downfalls;
  • Take your own - This is ideal for something like a hand made product but when it comes to taking a great picture you often have to take lots of things into consideration; camera, lighting, editing and you have to be good at taking pictures!
  • Search online - You can find a great selection of images online but you have to be sure that you are allowed to used them or you could get into some legalities. It's often best to leave this unless you are using a reputable website and paying for the image.

Introducing Getty embed!

Getty images has a great free and legal service that allows you to tap into their bank of images. You can easily search for an image, copy the embed code and paste it into your website. You will then see the image with a small attribution at the bottom of the image (this is certainly more than fair!).

How to use Getty embed

It's really quick and easy to get started with Gerry images embed, follow these steps;
  1. Go to the main embed website: Getty images embed.
  2. Search using the "Start searching now ..." bar. I'll be searching for cat

    Getty images embed search bar

  3. You should now see the search results with "related searches", filter and sort options and the layout option;

    Getty images embed search results

  4. When you find an image you click, hover over it and click "View Details";

    View details of image

  5. When the new window opens, click on the "EMBED" tab on the top left hand side;

    Image selection with HTML embed code and sizing options

  6. You can then follow the pop-up's instructions by copying and pasting the code into your website. You can change the size of the image and you can view a preview with the attribute at the bottom.

You've got the code, now what?

That was a pretty painless process right? Let's look at what to do once you have the HTML embed code;
  1. Open up your website editor and look for a "html" or "code" button. In Geoff's editor you can find it under the "Home" tab;

    Editor showing HTML code button

  2. That should then open a pop-up or change the screen which will then allow you to add the image in;

    HTML code screen showing the Getty embed code

  3. Save that and you should now see the image appear in your page editor;

    Getty image is now in place and loading on the web page

Congratulations! You have successfully added a Getty embed image onto your webpage / blog post ready for the world to enjoy.

If you feel that your colleges, friends or family might find this tutorial then feel free to share it.