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Getting to know Nobby Our Email Marketing solution

added on Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 10:37am

You may or may not know but here at Hat Trick Media we offer Email Marketing as one of our services. We do this using a system nicknamed "Nobby! Nobby is a pigeon and follows on from our tradition of naming our systems and services after animals (Our content management system is called "Geoff and is a cow).

Why use Nobby?

Great question! Nobby provides an easy to use email marketing system that allows you to manage campaigns, subscribers and create great looking emails with a drag and drop editor. Nobby is also really competitively priced (which is never a bad thing, right?).

What is Email Marketing?

The main focus of email marketing is to add another method of connecting with your customers and potential customers, this in turn will help you sell new products and services. Email marketing can be used for:

1. Letting new and current customers about new products, services or sales.
2. Sending out Discount codes for sales and birthdays.
3. Quickly letting subscribers know about a change in the business i.e. moving location, opening a new shop.
4. Linking all parts of your online presence together. Let subscribers know when youve added a new blog post to your website, reminding them that you have a Twitter, Facebook and other social media.


With Nobby we offer two different services;

1. Do it yourself
You have complete control over the Nobby control panel, you can: Control subscribers, Create new campaigns, Create new emails. 

2. Sit back and relax
Relax! We do all the work for you. Let us create great looking emails and send them to your subscribers.


To get set up with Nobby we charge a one off price of £680. This includes - getting you started with Nobby, Adding all of your subscribers, Creating a template for your emails, creating a sign up form for your website.

When you are ready to send an email campaign we charge £5 per campaign and 1p per recipient / subscriber.


Nobby has really powerful reporting built in. You can click into each Campaign you have sent and see who has opened it, what links they have clicked on and even see where in the world they are!


Nobby is a real pleasure to use and prides itself on being simple and easy to operate. If you do however have any issues we are always an email or call away.