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Google Search Tips

added on Thursday 18th February 2016 at 11:23am

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Google Search Tips

It's time to up your Google-Fu!

Google is an incredible search tool which we use daily and I'm sure you do too! In this post we aim to help you get more out of Google by offering helpful tips and tricks.

Use the basic search filters

You may think this is a given but people actually ignore the built in tools or possibly have a fear of using them. Here's what it looks like;

Google Basic Search Filters
  1. Search for the term you are interested in
  2. Click the "Search tools" button, located just under the search box
  3. Select the basic filter you are interested in and the search results will refresh

Use search operators in the search box

Google let's you become a bit of a search master by dabbling into the world of search operators right in the search box!

Operator Example Action
site: site:www.hattrickmedia.co.uk Shows all the indexed pages from only that website.
"" "an exact phrase" Using quotation marks will only return results with that exact phrase.
- hat trick media -food The results will return the best matches it can without the word 'food' included.
OR design OR development Returns pages / results that might use one or several words.
.. 1..100 dysart road Returns pages / results that contain numbers in a range.
* "this is a * all about * my" The * acts as a place holder for any words you might not know / be sure of.

REMEMBER: Do not add any spaces between your filters and the search term, for example: site:www.hattrickmedia.co.uk will work but site: www.hattrickmedia.co.uk won't work (because of the space).

Learn more about operators here: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/2466433?hl=en

Search Operators Chaining

You can use more than one operator in a search query for example: site:www.hattrickmedia.co.uk "website design" -"website development". This search will return results from our website, where it matches the "website design" term and not the "website development" term.

Don't forget about the Advanced Search tools!

You may not have seen this one as it seems to be hidden away but the 'advanced' search filters will offer a lot more power in filtering your results. It will also automatically generate the search operators (from above) for you. Here's how you get to them;

Google Advanced Search Filters

  1. Go into Google and search for the term you are interested in
  2. On the right hand side you should see a cog / tool-type button
  3. Click on that and select "Advanced search"
  4. A new screen will open with lot's of filters and an explanation on the right

Try more specific options / services

Google has many services apart from search, some of these include video, maps and images. Although the general 'search' feature that Google offers does merge results such as text, images and maps - it might be worth focusing your search in the correct service. If you are looking for a cat image then try using the images search.

Google Services

This list should help you be more specific with your search;

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