Hat Trick Media Company and Staff Update: October 2015

Hat Trick Media Company and Staff Update: October 2015

Added on Thursday 15th October 2015 at 01:01am

Hi everyone, I'm sure you love to know what we are up to so here is a quick update! This update could be a weekly thing or maybe a monthly thing and will include any new website features, company/staff news or anything we feel may benefit you to know. Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoy!

Website Features

Live Chat - You may or may not have noticed (if not then how come?!) that we now have a live support chat on the website. We have decided to try out this live chat to give our clients or potential clients another way to get in touch. We feel its a really quick and easy way to talk to us, especially because you can access the chat from any page on our website. Send us a message now! The "live" aspect will be our working business hours, so 9:00am - 5:30pm and after that (including weekends) you will be able to leave us a message to get back to you (kind of like a voicemail).

"You may also enjoy" - As part of our push for a better blog experience we have added an "You may also enjoy" section at the bottom of each blog post. This will show 6 other blog posts that you can quickly click through to if you see anything that takes your fancy. Over time we will work on making this a slightly more intelligent system that will show related topics and other helpful features. If you have any feedback or ideas then we would love it them!

Guest Blogging - We have now introduced guest blogging into our system that will allow our chosen guest bloggers to post interesting and related information that we feel would benefit you as the reader. We have started with an "IT Corner" blog that will be a monthly post talking about all things IT related, the first is about password security.

Website Speed - We are constantly working to create a better user experience with out website and using it as a trail for any new features before they go into our Geoff content management system. If you are a frequent visitor then you should notice the website is a bit speedier.

Frequent posts - We are now aiming to give you more frequent updates about our company and services. We will also be adding more blog posts with information we believe that you will find useful. Our email newsletter will start going out soon and we are putting a lot more effort into social media.

Other Bits n Bobs

Email Newsletter - We have been a bit busy and not given our email newsletter much love, but have no fear - we are getting back on the horse ready to land in an inbox near you! The email newsletter will include any company news, blog posts, website launches, new services and a funny video or weird to keep you amused. If you would like to sign up then the form can be found at the bottom of our website in the footer, above the map.

Instagram - We are now available on Instagram. You can find us here: where we will be posting pictures of the office, new websites and other interesting (possibly boring depending on who you ask!).

Sponsorship - We are sponsoring the 'Hair and Beauty' category for the Grantham Target Excellence awards. We have set up a new site to reflect this, check it out - . We will be at the awards ceremony looking sharp (hopefully!) and we are looking forward to a great night. You can contact us for any sponsorship opportunities via email at or telephone on 01476 576 839.