New SEO Services Launched

New SEO Services Launched

Added on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at 10:23am

We have had a lot of enquiries from clients asking about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services so are pleased to announce the launch of some new services to address this.

From this week we will be offering our new Monthly SEO Package to all our customers, this is a low cost, effective service which will ensure your website is optimised to enhance your current search engine rankings for keywords of your choice.

When we develop websites we ensure that they are built with SEO in mind, there are various elements of code within your site which ensure that natural Search Engine rankings will be achieved and improved, however we realise the opportunity to further enhance this with additional resources.

We are aware that many companies are out there approaching businesses with SEO services and promises of 1st place rankings within Google, many are charging high fees and delivering limited results.  The reality is that ranking well in a search engine like Google, involves your website meeting a number of key technical elements and also a bit of good old fashioned human leg-work! Do we know Google?s secret algorithm?s for indexing sites??? No, Google use a very complex set of conditions to determine their rankings ? but Google do provide 'guidelines' and 'best practices' that a website should adhere too and these are fundamentals that many people get wrong.

In response to this Hat Trick Media have put together a simple, low cost monthly SEO Audit which will address the key issues that influence search engine rankings.  This service is only currently available to existing Hat Trick Media website customers, as to generate real results we need developer level of access to your site.

Our monthly audit will include:

  • A review of analytics and webmaster tools to identify trends and check the popularity of the            search terms against your competitor websites.
  • A check on the number of pages you have indexed in Google each month
  • Comparative position of indexing on the previous month
  • Your website?s ranking for your preferred search terms
  • Make changes to your sites META Tags and TITLE Tags based on the information gathered
  • Check and amend content to match your targeted search terms and ensure keywords, title            tags and descriptions match the page content
  • Generate vital back-links to your website from similar industry sites and directory sites.
  • Promote your site through our own social networking contacts
  • Review your site and suggest improvements or additions that can be made for the next month      by you (i.e. adding additional content, which keywords to use etc.)
  • Provide you with a full report on our findings and actions.

This is real Search Engine Optimisation, actually getting things done to your site which will generate results. We are offering this audit initially for a monthly fee of 85 + VAT.

If this service could be of interest then please call on 01476 576839 or register your interest by emailing and we will be in touch to arrange your first audit.