New Starter: Gary Wallace - Relationship Manager

New Starter: Gary Wallace - Relationship Manager

Added on Friday 19th August 2016 at 01:01am

Introducing Gary Wallace?

Gary Wallace has recently joined our team as a relationship manager and will be helping to get the Hat Trick Media name out locally and nationally. We've asked Gary a few random questions to help you get to know him;

  1. Tell us a little bit more about yourself and what you enjoy doing in your spare time

    I am 57 and moved to Bottesford, where I live with my partner, from Birmingham in 2015. I like to go for walks when my dodgy knee permits. I like to visit family and friends to catch up on their news and am always thinking of ways to help people where I can - even strangers - so that's why I like this job as I feel I am helping firms by introducing what we do to them. I collect, buy and sell coins mainly as a hobby on eBay too.

  2. What does your job entail (day to day)?

    My job involves looking through contact lists and on the web to find businesses that have poor or no websites at all and creating a record on our sales list for each one primarily that shows as much info about them as possible.

    I then call each one in turn in order to introduce us and explain what we do and how we can help regarding website design/development +/or graphic design, printing etc and hopefully get an appointment booked in order to meet face to face and glean the extent of the help we can provide. I update each record after every communication made.

    I also mail out Sales Packs where requested and email busy managers who have little or no time to talk on the phone, just so we can give them an idea of what we do and hopefully get a call back from them.

  3. What is your favourite food?

    Any that I can digest ?? - I do like a well cooked Lamb shank with mashed potatoes, crinkly cabbage, carrots, gravy and loads of mint sauce!

  4. What is your favourite TV program?

    I have 3 I really cant split up! 1. Game Of Thrones 2. Long Lost Family 3. Police Interceptors

  5. Tell us a fact about yourself that not many people know

    I could have been a Technical/Engineering Draughtsman when I left school, but I chose to work in a factory as it was £1 an hour more, which back then was quite a lot considering the basic wage was £16 a week for an apprentice!

You can contact Gary today by phoning the office on 01476 576 839 or email Gary directly on Thank you for reading!