Server Migration

Server Migration

Added on Friday 11th December 2015 at 01:01am

We've done it!

You could sense the relief in the Hat Trick Media office at 2am Thursday the 10th of December after a 48 hour period of migrating all of our clients websites over to a brand new server was finally complete.

It was by no way a task that was to be taken lightly, but thanks to a couple of late nights working well into the following morning before a quick sleep and return back to the office again for 9 the migration has gone unnoticed by the majority of our clients - which is the sign of a successful migration.

Regular pit stops were needed and supplied courtesy of Dominos Pizza to keep the 3 of us and guest star David Thompson (Our parent company WCF's IT Manager) who made the trip down from Head Office in Cumbria to join us for the 3 day period.

The new server gives us a lot more flexibility for future projects and most importantly a lot more on-going security for all of our clients.

Eddie, John & Alex.