St Marys Books Website Launch

St Marys Books Website Launch

Added on Thursday 18th July 2013 at 10:42am

We are pleased to announce the launch of a new website for St Marys Books & Prints of Stamford.
St Marys Books & Prints have been established since 1971 and specialise in the sale of second hand, rare and antiquarian books, maps and prints and taxidermy, their charming shop on St Marys Hill in Stamford, Lincolnshire is an absolute must for enthusiasts.

The original St Marys Books website was launched in 1982 and was starting to look a little antiquated itself so the management at St Marys Books were looking for a web agency which had the skills and experience to develop an advanced e-commerce site with a full stock and client management system and a design that could capture the unique feel of the shop and translate that online.

The nature of the products that they sell is such that no two products are alike, we were presented with various challenges, all of which we overcame, here are a few of them:

Over 70,000 individual products   
With over 20,000 books, maps, prints and taxidermy in stock plus historic stock on record there was a mass of data which needed to be managed and uploaded
Limited products with images
Due to the volume of stock and because this was not previously essential we found that 70% of the stock did not have images, this presented a problem on how to display rpoducts. We developed a code that shows a ?mock? book if no image is available, this randomises to avoid pages having a repetitive feel.
Products needed to be categorised for easy navigation
Previously there had been no need for this business to categorise their stock. For the purposes of visitors navigating their new site we needed to automate processes that mapped books into their correct categories using keywords and descriptions.
Advanced categories were needed to sub-categorise products
Creating categories wasn?t enough on this project, with books dating from the 16th Century to modern day we needed to split these categories down further for visitors to quickly find what they were looking for, you can see a good example of this in their advanced Wisden section.
Search Features
The search and advanced search facilities needed to cope with multiple options, provide suggestions and deal with a multitude of variations for example AA Milne/ A.A. Milne/ A. Milne etc.
All historic data needed to be linked
Almost 30 years of books, invoices and client records needed to be imported and linked. This has provided them with all their information in one place and also huge opportunities to utilise this data to develop future marketing and sales opportunities.
Automatic uploads to 3rd party sites
Previously there were many manual processes involved in exporting stock records from their database and uploading them to the various 3rd party websites (Amazon, AbeBooks, Biblio etc.) We have now automated these processes for them, these uploads will now happen overnight and will save the business hundreds of hours over the coming months.
St Mary?s Books are very pleased with the end results and are receiving orders daily, we are very proud of the site and feel we have set out what we hoped to achieve, a fantastic looking and market leading website.

Why not take a look at the site and have a look around.

We?d love to hear your comments and feedback below.