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Starting a new Twitter account

added on Thursday 1st September 2016 at 11:29am

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Starting a new Twitter account

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an incredibly popular micro-blogging website /  social network. Twitter was created in 2007. Twitter has over 200 million active users spread worldwide.

How can Twitter benefit my business?

There are lots of reasons! Let's break it down;

  • Twitter is another way for you to engage and learn more about your customers / potential customers
  • Twitter is free (unless you do paid advertising)
  • Twitter allows you to create a new way for people to find our about your business
  • Twitter can be great for mining information and seeing what is popular when and where e.g. trending topics
  • Twitter allows you to connect with other businesses (within your industry or not) across the world. You can create valuable connections and relationships, share information and possibly do some business to business sales.

Maximise your Twitter potential

Why use Twitter if you don't take full advantage of the system? Let Twitter do some work for you. Below you will see a list of our recommendations to creating a better Twitter profile. Many of these recommendations will only need to be done once or the first time you create a new profile.

  • Try to select your @username to match your brand / company name as best as possible. For example, we are 'Hat Trick Media' and our Twitter username is @hattrickmedia
  • Add your website link so that people can easily get through to your website and learn more about your company, your services and get in touch.
  • Set your location as we believe this can help get you more exposure, for example, when people search Twitter by location.
  • Fill our the description / biography section with a bit of information about your company, whilst trying to drop in a few keywords that related to your services, for example: "Joe's Plumbers are specialists in leaky pipes, faucet installation, toilet repair and more. Call today on 00000-000-000". Go with something catchy that sums your company up in a sentence or two.
  • Set your Twitter profile image with your logo or brand name that people will be familiar with
  • Set your background image to something company related possibly with some wording on it. This can be good to use for flash sales and events as its a large image that captivates the visitors attention as soon at they land on your Twitter profile.

Once you have completed the list above, let's look at some on going tasks you can be doing to again, help maximise your Twitter potential. These recommendations can be done daily, weekly or monthly depending on how much time you have and how much you are hoping to get out of Twitter.

  • Follow your town or villages local profiles. Many of these profiles retweet (share) status updates by local companies and can help get your Twitter profile / business more exposure.
  • Use tools to manage your social accounts such as Buffer or Hootsuite. Read our top 10 social media tips and tricks to learn more about this.
  • Try Twitter advertising to connect with more potential customers and get more sales. Read more below.
  • Use open graph meta tags on your website. When you share a website on Facebook, you will either see a nice info "card" that has an image, title, description and link or just a basic text link that looks a bit naff.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter offers an advertising platform which allows you to potentially advertise in front of their 300 million-odd users. Of course this won't be the case because as you drill down to your target audience then the number of people that you can potentially reach will lower - this is however for the better because you want users that are interested in your services and will spend money with your company.


You don't have to spend thousands of pounds on Twitter advertising. Why not start of with an affordable budget such as £20 a week?

Open Graph

To get the flashy info card you need to use something called the open graph. This is essentially code on your website that gives Facebook more information about your link that is being shared. The reason you would use this is because the link stands out in the users news feed, hopefully making them want to click on it or at least see it. There are a number of different cards you can display (depending on your content type), learn more about them here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/sharing/webmasters#markup 

The end

We hope that you have found these tips and tricks helpful and informative. If you are setting up a Twitter account for a new company or service then we wish you the best of luck!