Maximise the impact of your email marketing

Planning when you're sending your campaigns is paramount.

What's the ideal frequency - once a day, once a week, once a month...

To be honest, this depends on your industry, your product and your customers you're conversing with. Daily is fine - but the emails need to be of excellent value, otherwise folk will switch off. Sending less than once a month and you run the risk of being forgotten and having to reintroduce yourself each time.

We're often asked what's the best day or time of day to send email newsletters. Its a tough one as again it depends on loads of factors. For instance, we know estate agents are busy getting their newspaper particulars ready and off to the printers on a Tuesday, Wednesday and sometimes Thursday, and so sending an email newsletter to them may be an unwanted distraction.

Ideally, because we're all creatures of habit you'd send the campaign on the same day and around the same time they signed up, but that's clearly not always practical.

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We are absolutely made up here with the results which are, in the words of, EPIC! I would like to go on record in thanking you all for the considerable time, effort, diligence and unstinting support in bringing the project to fruition.

David Lowe

General Manager

WCF Distribution