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Take advantage of the new Google fonts

added on Thursday 21st July 2016 at 12:00pm

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Take advantage of the new Google fonts
You may or may not have heard recently but Google font's has been updated. It now offers a beautiful user interface that is a pleasure to use and some new features that can really make your life easier.

How do I get the new Google fonts?

If you are still seeing the old one but try going to https://fonts.google.com/ or when you load up the Google fonts page, look out for the message that pops up at the top of the screen;

Google fonts message to update

Click on the blue "Take me there." link and you should now see the brand new Google fonts.

Handy, fun and time saving Google fonts features

Let's take a look at some of the features that are new (or you can now actually find them);
  • Usage statistics
  • Popular pairings
  • About
  • Information about the designer

Usage statistics

Falling under the "fun" category is the usage statistics feature. You can see a breakdown of countries where the specific font is most popular and you can see the amount of times the Google fonts API served the specif font in the last week and how many websites the font was featured on. Let's see this in action using the 'Open Sans' font;

Open Sans usage statistics

You can see that the most popular country is the US and in the last week, Open Sans was served over 24.4 billion times and was features on over 13.3 million websites.

Popular Pairings

Font pairing isn't the easiest thing in the world but Google fonts can help to take the edge off. Using our example of the 'Open Sans' font again, let's see what Google suggests would be a good pairing;

Google fonts popular pairings for Open Sans

Pretty nifty right? You can see that it has found a list of fonts including Roboto, Lato and Oswald. On the left panel you can change the font and the font style / weight (bold, italic, light etc). On the right panel you can see a live example, as you change the left panel then the right panel will update.

Have a fiddle and have fun!


Another one for the "fun" category. You can learn more about the font, its origins, technical points and who designed it.

Information about the font

Information about the designer

You might find it interesting to learn more about the person / people behind the font. You might see an image as well as some text to tell you a bit more about the person / people. There might even be a link to their Twitter page as well so you can have a bit more of a nosy.

About the font designer

So now that you have seen what the new Google fonts can do, why not go and try it out? Let us know if you like or dislike the new Google fonts design.