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Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks

added on Monday 9th November 2015 at 10:53am

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Top 10 Social Media Tips and Tricks
We all use social media and the majority of us use it on a daily basis - on our phones, tablets, computers and soon enough our fridges! We currently use a few you may have heard of: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Here is a list of our 10 tips and tricks for social media.

1. Take advantage

Most social networks these days allow you to add a link back to your website, a description and some images. Take advantage of these free options as it helps build brand awareness, its more ways for people to find out about your business and website. Facebook for example will allow you to have reviews on your business page - how fantastic is this? People can come on and get lots of information about your business and see how great it is via the reviews section. Once you've filled out all of the details you can sit back and relax (while posting updates!).

2. Use the power

Gone are the days when you had to telephone and email customers and potential friends to let them know that your company has done something or released a new product (it's till worth getting on the email newsletter campaign band wagon though!) as you can now share all of this information via social networks. If its good information then it will get shared around and you can again, sit back and relax!

3. Use services to manage multiple accounts

These days it can be quite overwhelming to keep on top of lots of social media accounts, luckily for us there are services out there that can make this an easy task. Hootsuite is a great example of a "social media dashboard" that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one place - you can set up a free account and get started in minutes. You will soon learn that juggling accounts, business and personal can get very tedious but using a tool like Hootsuite will make your life incredibly easier.

4. Use Social Network features to make finding people easier

With Google+'s circles and twitters hashtags you can easily target the right audience for your content. Each social network has an easy way to drill down your target audience whether it be free (circles) or paid (Facebook ads).

5. Drop in "Share This" buttons and links onto your website

Integrating social networks into your website is simple! You can add in Feeds such as Twitter or Facebook and you can add in "Share this" type buttons to make sharing from your website easier than ever. This is a one time update than you can just drop in some code onto your website and style them if you wish. If you want we can do this for you.

6. Connect with your customers

Social media was made to connect people with people - why not use the fundamental building blocks to your advantage? Follow and like as many relevant and appropriate accounts as you can – most follow back and then what you tweet or post will be heard. Reach out to potential customers to let them know about your products and services that you think they might find interesting.

7. Harness the power of targeted advertisements

Social media networks make a large amount of revenue from selling targeted adverts. A targeted advert allows you to choose the audience that will see your advert, not just everyone. You can select age ranges, religions, likes, dislikes, genders, location and lots of other things to help you spend money wisely with advertisements.

8. Check out your competition

As business profiles on social networks are normally public this means you can easily see what your competition is up to without them knowing. You don't have to connect with them to see what they are putting online as its already public. You can use this advantage to see what they are posting, what they are up to and how they are targeting potential customers.

9. Brand awareness

Creating social media networks and actually using them can really help towards your brand awareness efforts. It's great to have a website and possibly a sign written van but social media can be a free and powerful tool to get your name out there with very little cost and effort. Your profiles will normally be picked up by Google as well so when someone searches for your company name then they should see your website and social media pages - giving you a better chance that they will find you and possibly hiding some of the competition!

10. Learn over time

You will soon find what is working and what is not working with your current social media following. You will slowly see trends depending on your post, when you post it (time of day) and other metrics. Learn from this and change your strategy to best fit your findings. This can potentially really help and make your time invested even more profitable.

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