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20 Blog post ideas for Estate Agents

added on Thursday 11th August 2016 at 13:26pm

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20 Blog post ideas for Estate Agents
Blog posts are great right? They bring in new website visitors, help you obtain customers, help you build up your email subscriber list and generally help out with search engine optimisation. I love blogs but I hate having to think of ideas or research ideas into what I feel people would like to read about or share with their friends.

In this blog post we are going look at a number of blog post types and ideas that you can use and implement into you current blog workflow:
  • Lists
  • Comparisons
  • Information / data driven
  • User feedback / interviews
  • Questions

Link-worthy Lists

Firstly, what the heck do I mean by 'link-worthy'? Is that even a thing? Yes! The idea of creating blog posts is to inform your current user base but to also get people to share and for people to link to your post on their website creating valuable links that helps with Google and other search engine results.

Right, so now the boring stuff is over, let's dive into some 'list' ideas that you can use on your blog:
  • The top [n] most expensive places to [rent / buy] in [city / town / village].
  • The top [n] towns with the fastest internet speeds.
  • Top [n] places to go clothes shopping.
  • Our top 5 kitchens to die for.
  • 10 bathrooms that you will fall in love with.
As you can see there is a mixture of ideas that you can try. The great thing about some of the location based items in the list is that you can create lot's of different types for different places e.g. Towns, Cities, Villages etc. This can help you target users in certain locations.

Compare the Market (or something...)

I think you know that advert. The one where there is an opera singer flouncing around and singing about a well known comparison website (not to name any names - go compare).

This idea is a little different but its a great way to compare your services vs a competitors or possibly different types of software that you use.

I'm a sucker for a good old comparison!
  • The great foodie debate: Manchester vs Liverpool.
  • Who has the best clubbing scene? Edinburgh vs Glasgow.
  • Birmingham vs Cardiff: Who has the best university?
In the ideas above you can see that we have again focused on location, this is to target local users that you would like to get onto your website. This can help you add in related keywords or possibly use harder keywords that don't appear as often or flow naturally.

Digging that Data!

How about sharing some interesting statistics for a specific area / category? It could be in the form of an info graphic which people love to share!
  • The average price of a pint mapped out across the UK.
  • Crime rates: The deadliest places to live.
  • Average GCSE grades mapped out across the UK.
  • A foodies dream: Which town has the most restaurants?

User Input / Interviews

How about getting your clients involved with some fun interviews?
  • Meet Alice, she has lived in London for 20 years! Hear her story.
  • Our clients frequently asked questions.
  • Case study: How we moved the Jones family of 5 from Edinburgh to Cardiff.
  • What's it like to be a student in Manchester?

Quirky (but helpful) Questions

Great to target search engine optimisation / keywords.
  • Should I rent or buy a property?
  • What schemes are available to help me get a mortgage?
  • Where can I get good deals on broadband?
  • Who is the water company for my area?

Parts Galore!

To keep your audience engaged, it can be valuable to split your content into different parts. This should keep them coming back for more and more.
  • A beginners guide to renting - Part 1, Part 2 etc
  • The mega 5 part guide to buying a house

We have covered quite a bit of information here but after some trail and error you will soon learn what you audience prefers when it comes to your blogging efforts. You can find this out by checking your website, social media and email marketing analytics.

Looking to get a blog on your website or even fancy doing an email marketing campaign? Why not get in touch today for a 'no pressure' chat. You can contact us via telephone on 01476 576 839 or email us on thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk.

Thank you for reading this blog post, if you feel that it has helped you or had some interesting information then please feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.