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What goes into the news or blog section of my website?

added on Monday 7th March 2016 at 11:21am

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What goes into the news or blog section of my website?
You've got a brand new website! It's got lots of cool features, images and people are telling you how great it is but.. sat somewhere in the menu bar you see a 'news' or 'blog' or even both link(s). You remember briefly adding a quick note about a new website but since then you neglected these areas and now you don't know what to add in. Not to worry! We have some great tips on what you can add into your news or blog sections.

News, Blog or both?

Sometimes it can get quite confusing as to what goes where and what is different. Should you have a news section, a blog section or both on your website? Let's go through and see what each one is traditionally used for;

1.1. News

A news section is exactly that - its a place to add news. The first news article you would probably see talking about the new website, you then might see a new member of staff joining the team. The news section is to tell the world about updates to your business, website, product or anything you feel is related to the website.

1.2. Blog

The blog is often the area where information is added that does not necessarily fit into the 'news' section. The blog is often used for you to write posts that promote your product, offer help (like this one) or other items that could boost your presence in the search engines.

1.3. Both

We can see from the above that both sections have their place. If you have enough information for both sections to keep fresh and up-to-date, but also have the time then I would suggest using both. Many companies will just have a news section and update that 2-3 times a month.

Why have a blog or news section?

You may wonder what the point is in having a blog or news section, or both. Here are a few positives;
  • If you create high quality content then it can help you rank in search engines such as Google (this will help more people find and see your website)
  • It's a quick way to keep your customers / visitors up to date about new products, services and other news related to your company / website
  • People do want to see what you are up to. Having an up to date news or blog section can help new visitors learn more about you and your company. It can help keep them engaged on your website and keep them online for longer - this could lead to more sales etc.
  • It's a place to brag without looking too "full of yourself"e.g. you can write about any awards you have won or your employees have won.
  • It's content to share on social media such as Facebook. If you write a really great blog and share it on social media then there is a change that it could go 'viral' and bring lots of new people to your website.

What to write in the news section?

Here are a few ideas that you can use to fill up your news section, keep your audience interested and keep your website fresh with up-to-date content:

Company News

  • New Staff
  • Old staff leaving
  • Awards run or nominated for
  • Event sponsorship
  • New product / service announcement
  • Social Media announcement (just got onto the latest social media platform? Share your profile!)
  • Industry News you think your website visitors may find interesting
  • Changing Address, Telephone number, contact details etc
  • Opening hours over public holidays such as Christmas
  • Talk about events/fairs you are going to, what stand you will be on etc
  • If you create things (e.g. builder) then take pictures of your work
  • Talk about any projects you have completed lately - a sort of 'case study'

That list should keep you busy for a while! Remember to write a good amount and not just a few sentences. You are writing this information for your visitors / customers but its also important to try and get the best content for search engine / ranking's as well.

What to write about in the blog section?

A blog is many things to many people. Some people have a personal blog where they have a 'dear diary' type thing on the go. Many people make money by blogging about advice, products etc. Here are some ideas to get you started on your blog;

  • Product reviews (you might use a certain product in your business) - this could bring in new customers that are searching for that product. This can give you more visibility in the search rankings and bring you new business / visitors.
  • Lists - people love lists at the minute! Blog about lists that are relevant to your business / industry and that you believe your visitors will find useful e.g. 10 ways to fix your hoover filter.

Blog Categories

If you read lots of blogs then you have probably noticed that most of them (if not all of them) have categories. These are a fantastic way to split your content. It can also have SEO benefits if used correctly - it can help search engines understand what your content is about and how its "categorized".

I hope this list helps you get started on your blogging journey. Remember that - if you are looking for ideas then take a look at popular blog posts in your industry and see if you can re-cycle them (using your own content / wording - DO NOT copy).

General Advice for Content Writing

The important thing to remember when writing your news article or blog post is to write for your user / visitor and not the search engine. Try to write naturally and not keep using the same keywords over and over. Here are a few suggestions we have to get the most out of your content;
  • Again: Write for your user / visitor and not the search engine
  • Try to write a minimum of 300 words (Recommended 500+)
  • Try to include at least 1 picture and make sure the picture / file name is descriptive and relevant to what you are writing about in your post / article.
  • Try to include links to relevant websites (if you are talking about an award then link to the award website / page).
  • Try to include links to other parts of your website, make sure these are relevant to your content e.g. if you are writing about 'car mechanics' and you offer services such as 'tyre pressure checks' then link to that service page.
  • Make sure you use the correct spelling and grammar in your content.
  • Use a good page structure, headings, sub headings, lists etc
  • It can take time to write great content, lots of research, to build a following and to try and rank highly in Google. Take your time and enjoy it!
While you feel that some of this may not be relevant to your content / industry but it's certainly worth doing if you have the spare time. 

Want to talk about getting a blog or news section for your website? Maybe you need a brand new website or fancy some of our other services? Get in touch via phone (01476 576 839) or email (thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk) and we will be more than happy to help.