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What is great graphic design?

added on Tuesday 18th April 2017 at 17:06pm

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What is great graphic design?

Comic books and the movies will tell you good always triumphs over evil. Well it should, even if sometimes evil doesn't play by the rules. Anywaaayyy, my point is good graphic design definitely triumphs over bad graphic design.

Graphic design isn't simply about the appearance of something though (think stationery, website, poster etc), but more how it influences, helps provide useful, contextual information and ultimately provides better solutions to a problem. The benefits are massively more important than simply making something look good. Its importance is often underestimated, but good great design can bring many significant business benefits. Used effectively, great graphic design can boost your marketing and messaging, empower fans (customers) and employees, and give greater power to inform, educate, or persuade your audience (think customers again). Just because we can use a calculator doesn't make us any more of an accountant than someone who can use Photoshop thinks it makes them a designer. Like the numbers, get them wrong and your business suffers - why risk the same thing with poor design.

Graphic design establishes your visual identity, done correctly, reflecting your company’s values. We can also define this as the Why, What and How. The Why is your values - the reason or reasons you do what you do. This is often overlooked, but it could be the difference in why your product or service is chosen over your competitor. This then leads to What you do. How you do it, is a culmination of all these things.

Branding for us therefore, is all these ingredients, consistently applied to every aspect of your business, (clothing, stationery, presentations, brochures, radio ads, websites, twitter, video etc etc). Your brand should provide an instant connection to your company’s WHY as well as to the WHAT you offer, and good graphic design can forge that kind of connection. Subsequently, a positive brand reputation then builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand and product, ultimately driving sales and bottom-line growth.

With great graphic design, not only do you gain high visibility, but you can also convert your audience into customers, increasing sales...

'Every £100 a design-led business invests in design repays £225 in increased sales.' Design Council.

Of course graphic design extends beyond establishing identity and brand recognition. It attracts attention and encourages an inquisitive audience to learn more. Done badly, you lose this completely.

At Hat Trick Media, to go further, to be better, we adopt a collaborative approach to design. We're great at communicating your What and delivering your How, but we'll never know your Why as well as you do. It would be silly of us to not involve you therefore in the design process. It always leads to a better solution, and is much faster than the normal agency method of submitting ideas and waiting for feedback. We nurture the correct ingredients from the outset and this saves time (and your money) from producing secondary ideas that just don't cut it.

One of our clients engaged us for their identity refresh after getting nowhere with a local design agency. For over 6 months they just couldn't deliver an identity that the company were happy with. Being on site, and evolving the process together meant we delivered the new identity in an afternoon. This included application to signage, vehicle livery and stationery. We saved the customer money, whilst creating an eye-catching new identity that has won them more and more work.

Great design, wins every time. Let us be on your side.