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What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

added on Friday 31st July 2015 at 00:00am

What Is the Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?
Since working at Hat Trick Media friends have often asked me what I do, what is website development and what is the difference between website development and website design? Well today I'm going to tell you!

Website Designer
A website designer is often someone creative with a design background or a love for design. Generally, their job is to create engaging websites with great looking graphics, easy to use navigation and much much more! Although design is the primary part of the job, a website designer can also be found coding away at HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. These are the main languages and frameworks that you use when building a website.

Tools Used
  • Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
  • Balsamiq (Mocking up and Wireframing)

Daily Duties
  • Liaising with clients and interpreting briefs
  • Mocking up designs
  • Understanding technical requirements
  • Researching brands, colours and designs for new ideas

Website Developer
A website developer is the unsung hero. They’re the people who take the web designers files and turn them into functioning websites – across multiple browsers, devices and platforms. They’re unsung, because its not the aesthetic part of the product. Design is so emotive and so gets all the glory. Developers can normally be found with their head buried in code trying to get that box to align or find that annoying bug. Not glamourous at all, but fundamental in the success of a site.

Tools Used
  • IDE / Text Editor such as WebStorm or Sublime Text
  • Command Line
  • FTP tool such as FileZilla

Daily Duties
  • Working on code to build new features
  • Building websites from the designers mock up
  • Working with the designer on any functionality issues or new ideas
  • Optimizing website performance
  • Adhering to standards and SEO best practice

Other Names / Titles
Throughout the industry you will hear lots of different names for designers and developers, here are a few with the meaning in brackets;

  • Frond End Developer (Website Designer who designs and builds websites)
  • Back End Developer (Website Developer who focuses on the code and other services such as the database)
  • Full Stack Developer (A role that requires knowledge of everything across the stack e.g. Website Designer and Website Developer)

Although these roles can change depending on the company, country or person, I hope that this post has given you more of an idea as to what the difference is between a website designer and website developer. As this article is written by a website developer then I apologize if its a bit biased!