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What is the Open Graph?

added on Thursday 18th June 2015 at 00:00am

You may have heard about the mysterious "Open Graph" recently. It can also be referred to as "Social Metadata" or "Social Graph". Whatever its called, what is it!?

Essentially you are explaining what your web page is and what it does, it lets you tell social networks how you want to display information about a web page. You can use this as a free marketing tool to attract the attention of potential customers or visitors to your website.

Let's look at Facebook for example. When you share a website on Facebook, it tries to get some information about that webpage to display on the timeline. Using "Social Metadata" on a web page you help Facebook to show the relevant information. Here is an example;

Here you can see that Facebook is displaying a nicely formatted and attractive looking post! There are a few components here that you can control;

1. The Image
2. The Title (in bold)
3. The Description

Twitter and Google Plus also use the social meta data / open graph to display attractive and lead-converting posts. Here are some screenshots;

Twitter displaying a YouTube video:

Google Plus displaying an App from its Play Store:

You can see that using social meta data and the open graph allows these social networks and many other sites to learn about your website, app or any document you wish to put on line.  Now is the time to take advantage of what these social networks are doing and to grab your audiences attention!

The Open Graph now comes standard in our latest "Geoff" content management system, you can read more about the open graph and what's new in the latest Geoff here.

If you are interested in implementing our system into your website or looking for a new website then please feel free to give us a call on 01476 576 839 or email us on thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk.