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What you need to know about rich cards

added on Thursday 23rd June 2016 at 11:20am

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What you need to know about rich cards
In this post we will talk about Google's rich card update, what they mean / do, how they look and their advantages and disadvantages.

What are rich cards?

Rich cards are a new way for Google to display information in its search results. They were announced at the Google I/O conference in May 2016.

Rich cards are very similar to Google rich snippets but they offer more screen space by allowing a higher resolution image and a carousel feature that users can slide through.

What type of rich cards are currently supported?

There are only a handful of rich cards at the moment but we imagine that if Google finds them to be successful then more will come and there will be a larger selection depending on what your website has to offer. Obviously we cannot guarantee this though - we are not Google.
  • Recipes
  • Movie listing

How can I test my website's rich cards?

A great thing about rich cards and snippets is the great documentation that Google have provided. The have a clear set of guidelines and examples that you can follow to use rich cards on your website.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The structured data testing tool allows you to quickly and easily test your rich card markup. It can copy and paste your code straight into the tool or you can add in your website link (if the code is live on your site).

How to use the structured data testing tool

For this example, I will be adding in a link into the testing tool and will show you an example output.

  1. Open up the tool and enter your website / webpage address into the "FETCH URL" tab, then click the "RUN TEST" button;

    enter your link into the structured data testing tool

  2. The test will now run (it may take a few seconds) and you will see the results. On the left pane you will see the html code that the tool has retrieved from your webpage. On the right pane you will see what rich cards or snippets the tool has found on you webpage;

    Google structured data testing tool results page showing html code and markup

  3. In this case the tool has found 3 markups; Organization, LocalBusiness and WebSite. You can see that there are 0 errors and 0 warning. That's great news! If you do get any errors or warnings then you can click into each schema and Google will tell you more about the issue and possibly how to rectify it.

Google Search Console

If you have set-up your in website in Google search console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) then you have a dedicated area for rich cards and snippets;

Google search console with structured data and rich cards

Google Search Console - Structured Data

You can see in the image below that this Google has found 544 items of structured data on this particular website. Luckily there are 0 items with errors but if there were, Google would tell us which page has the error and what it is.

GSC - structured data

Google Search Console - Rich Cards

You can see in the image below that this Google has not found any rich cards on this particular website. If it did then you would see a similar layout to above showing you the count and any errors. This is a great place to keep an eye on your rich cards and to make sure Google is happy with them.

GSC - Rich cards

Go fourth and have fun with rich cards! This can be a really great way to get more exposure in search engines and to give your users a better user experience.

If you would like rich card / snippets adding into your website or like the look of some of our other services, then give us a shout via email, on thrive@hattrickmedia.co.uk or phone us at 01476 576 839. Enjoying these blog posts? Let us know by sharing it on social media!