What?s new in our content management system Geoff

What?s new in our content management system Geoff

Added on Wednesday 17th June 2015 at 01:01am

As a client of ours, you may very well be familiar with Geoff ? the administration area for your website but like a fine wine it gets better with age.

We are continuously updating Geoff with the latest ideas, technology and SEO recommendations all the time ? but as you already have your own version of Geoff you may not be aware of what?s available in the newer builds.

Currently we are installing version 2.02.15 for all new projects ? if you?re not sure what version of Geoff you are using have a look at the version number under the left hand side of your menu.

So what?s new? Well at a glance we are installing builds with the following features as standard;

SEO friendly URLS & Redirect.
Every single page on your site has a customisable URL based on your requirements. Together with a dynamic redirect module you can completely manage all the URLs on your website.

Social Metadata (Open Graph)
To allow any page on your site which has been shared via social media to interact across different platforms.

Drag and Drop Editing

Although they served Geoff well, he?s had a bit of a facelift removing the up and down arrows for ordering on various features to a much more simpler drag and drop feature. 

Multiple Image Upload
One of our clients biggest bugbears having to upload images one by one has been changed to allow multiple images to be uploaded at the same time.

SagePay V3 Payment Gateway

Having announced that they are upgrading their payment systems and as a rule anyone running a version lower than 3 will cease operating in July 2015. Geoff now supports the new V3 gateway for any clients wishing to use SagePay for online payments.  

The beauty of Geoff is that the majority of these modules are transferable version to version. So if you think any of these would be of interest to your site or would like a review of which extra modules would benefit you ? please get in touch: