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Why now is a better time than ever to invest in a website

added on Monday 19th October 2015 at 00:00am

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Why now is a better time than ever to invest in a website
The purpose of this post is just to help you out if you are struggling with the decision about getting a website.

Today the internet is big, I mean really big. There is more information flowing around the world than we could possibly comprehend. People live on the internet, they are addicted to services and applications. People use the internet for just about anything - to book tables at a restaurant, to shop for items and to share pictures of their food. Amongst all this though, people are looking for services and businesses to fit their needs - they may be looking for a window cleaner, a plumber or a gardener. They may be looking for you.

What purpose does a Website serve?

A website is mainly to share information. Such famous examples include Wikipedia (the online encyclopaedia), Google (the search engine) and Wolfram Alpha (the online mathematical engine). Information can be anything and can certainly be related to your business. It could be your business opening hours, its telephone number, its address or some company history such as when and why it was founded. A presence like this also adds confidence and builds trust – after all, why should a visitor invest their time (and money) in you, if they've never even met you.

A website can be more complicated than just serving information though, that's quite a one sided way - the potential customer visits your website, they get your telephone number and then phone you, great! That might be perfect for you but let's say your business is a hair salon and would like to accept bookings online, for this to work you will need the user to give you information - a two sided way of doing things. In this case you may actually call this a website application or "web app" for short. Web apps are generally quite intelligent and can handle things like booking online or connecting users together like a social network.

That's the beauty of websites and web apps, anything is possible. You essentially have the power at your fingers to change the world - Facebook did and it could be done again.

5 quick reasons to have a website

  1. Open yourself up to more potential customers.
  2. Easily manage your information with a Content management system (no more contacting Yellow Pages by post
  3. to update your business address).
  4. Offer quick and easy to use services such as online booking
  5. Brand awareness - if you create a fantastic website with great content then people will want to share that with friends and family. This gets your business name out there on a large scale and its free!You may be able to run your business entirely online and save the expense of offices and business rates!

Things to be careful of…

Stay clear of free or template based websites. They’re free for a reason. Here’s a clue – they’re not very good! If you’re engaging a web design agency, ask about their process. Do they design the site with you, or simply provide you a downloaded theme! Is their CMS Wordpress? If so, who will manage the security updates it needs to stay protected and secure? This leads us to hosting – make sure your host is reputable. If you’re not sure why you need hosting, basically it’s a computer that stores the files that make up your site. If that computer is old, undependable, insecure then chances are your site won’t be available. It pays to have a reliable host.

Once I have a website, what happens next?

It's important that once you have a website to keep the information up to date. If you move premises then update your address. It's also a good idea to have a news section or blog section where you can post updates about your business, products or staff. This shows that your website is focused on adding new content and not letting it sit there to rot. Websites can be updated if you ever fancy a face lift or you can always add in new features depending on how your company grows.
New website to-do list

  • Add your website link to your social media accounts e.g. Facebook and Twitter
  • Tell Google and other search engines about your website
  • Add your website link to any directory sites you are listed on such as Yell

I hope that we have helped you decide on getting a website or even update your current one. If you are interested in any of our services or require any advice then please feel free to email us or phone us on 01476 576 839 in the office. Thank you for reading.